Monday, November 19, 2012

Baby Blue /One outfit, Two ways.


Every Sunday afternoon, I sort through my wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear for the week ahead. I have to do this in advance because I hate rushing about in the morning figuring out what to wear, and I found this cute little dress I've owned for about 9 months which haven't worn yet.

The first look is very ladylike, appropriate for a dressy daytime event. I think you can wear it at night, but I personally find it difficult to wear pastels in the nighttime.

It's chiffon and very transparent, so I've layered it with a black slip to protect my modesty :)

The pearls are a natural choice for such a feminine look andthe shoes are a bit chunky and I think they help to "ground" the airy floaty style a little. My bag actually has a long strap which i've tucked in so it looks more polished.

My second look Is uber casual and I LOVE it.

The dress is tucked into the waistband of the faded denim shorts(6 years old YO!). It kind of looks like a mullet top right? The slim white belt dresses it up a bit.

Silver flats and a heavy silver breastplate necklace are casual but interesting. Casual doesn't have to mean nondescript and plain. The bag is worn with the strap long and casually slung over the shoulder.

Amazing how such minor alterations make such a massive difference to this little dress.

Ciao dolls!


HI guys!
Hello everyone, my name is********* and i am a nail polish addict.

This is a problem for me. I swear, I'd rather traipse around with my hair uncombed and no makeup on, than go a week without painting my nails.

Right now i own almost 60 nail polishes. It's so silly,  i walk by a store, i spy a shelf of nail polish and before i know it..... :(

Anyhoo! Here's my nail look for this week

It starts off like this, with glossy black on my ring finger and gold on the rest....

Once they're dry, i apply one coat of black "crackle" nail polish over the gold, and voila!

You like? I'm loving this!


Typical Wash Day series. Part one: Overnight pre shampoo treatment.

Hi guys!

Ever since i began my quest for healthy hair, I've been washing and deep conditioning my hair without fail at least once a week. Coming from someone who used to wash and DC(deep condition) only once a month it's a major development for me.

I'm now eager to wash and DC my hair these days, especially since during the week I'm constantly applying moisturizers and oils to my hair. By friday my hair is pretty greasy and ready for cleansing!

I have a few basic steps i try to follow every wash day. I try to keep the process as simple as possible, so i don't get tired and frustrated.

I'm going to break each step into separate posts so y'all don't get bored.

Overnight oil pre-shampoo treatment
Shampoo hair in sections
DC/Post DC conditioner rinse.
Air-dry with leave in moisturizer then moisturize and seal.

Overnight oil pre-shampoo treatment (friday night)
I'm currently using a mixture of coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil as an overnight treatment.  The oils strengthen the hair strands from the inside, increasing flexibility. However-the oils need time and heat to properly penetrate the hair shaft instead of just coating the strands, and I've read that takes at least 6hours. So i generously oil every inch of my hair, from scalp to tips (i mean the oil is practically dripping from my hair) and then wrap it all up in a black nylon bag. I then tie my scarf over the nylon bag and i go to sleep.

When you wake up you'll probably find your hair to be warm and sweaty and a little yucky, but that's okay. The heat from your scalp has been trapped by the nylon bag and helps to open the outer layer of your hair, allowing the oils to penetrate. In short, you've just done an overnight steam treatment for your hair!

When you finally decide to wash your hair, i guarantee you'll notice the difference in softness this overnight oil treatment will add to your hair!

I'll post the next part in this series soon!
P.S I already have a post up going over the science of these hair care tips. check it out here.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award (who me??)

Hey Dolls!
It appears that wonders will never cease! I just got nominated for a versatile bloggers award by Wura's Secret Hair I'm unbelievably chuffed and rather honored, and I think anyone reading this post right now should go and check out this young lady's blog (click on her name up top)! She's just started out and she gives really good hair care advice. Believe me, i knew her back in Uni, and she has managed to grow her own hair to amazingly healthy lengths in a short period of time! So please, have a look! 

Anyhooooo, here are the terms and conditions of the award...

Thank the Blogger that nominated me. DONE. (thanks tinu!)
Share 7 random facts about me.
Nominate 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
Let nominated bloggers know they have been nominated.
Add the Versatile Blogger Award to my post. 


I always carry a bottle of hot sauce around with me. I lovelovelove spicy food! Reminds me of a dear friend of mine who always made an effort to bring (ahem, steal) me bottles of tabasco from restaurants whenever he could get away with it!


I CAN PROCRASTINATE FOR THE OLYMPICS. Hence the shamefully long lapses between blog posts *hides face*

I love cheesy Mills and Boon romance novels. Yes indeed. I'm not ashamed of it either! Nothing wrong with curling up with a tall dark handsome billionaire once in a while eh? *wink wink*

I fall asleep easiest when I'm watching cartoons. I don't know why, but cartoons relax me. My absolute fave cartoon is American Dad. It's about this narcissistic CIA agent, his family and their (illegal) alien Roger, it's just silly! Always makes me laugh, and sends me off to sleep smiling.

I carry almost everything (maybe except the kitchen sink) in my handbag when I'm leaving the house. Two novels, make-up bag, umbrella, Ipad, magazines, scarf, shower cap, rubber slippers, hand fan, wallet, two combs..... sigh.

I'm a dog person. However, that said, i cannot stand tiny?cute little lap dogs. yuck! Gimme a tough looking mutt with some muscle!!!! (but i love puppies. no matter what size they are. ALL puppies are cute and deserve love and adoration hahaha)

step on him! do it!!!!!  

Random enough for y'all? LMAO.

Okay, for the really difficult part, Nominate 15 new bloggers... uhh, to be honest, i don't actually know that many new bloggers sorry, but i will try okay...

Be Inspired By Stephanie
Wura's Secret Hair
That Igbo Chick
Just Grow Already
Makeup Game On Point
African Hair Blog
Naija Hair Can Grow
SnowBlack Blog
Style Is My Thing
Bolu Melanie

That's eleven blogs right there! I was trying to limit myself to blogs that are relatively new, they're not all hair related, some focus mainly on makeup and fashion, one in particular is mainly inspirational, but they're ALL worth it. 

Ciao Dolls!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hair Regimen

Okay, so I've spent WEEKS on the Internet, reading up about healthy hair practices for Black relaxed hair and I've come up with a regimen I'm going to try to follow.

Moisturise the tips of my hair, then seal in the moisture with a light oil.
Alternate Organic Root Stimulator carrot oil with glycerin+water mix as the  moisturiser.
Massage my hairline with castor oil to encourage hair growth.
Keep my hair out of harms way during the day by protective styling it.
Wrap it up before bed to prevent it getting roughed up and breaking while I sleep.

This is all to prevent breakage. Dry hair breaks easily, especially the tips of your hair, which is the oldest hair on your head. when you moisturise you are adding and attracting water to your hair. The light oil you apply afterwards seals in the water and prevents it from evaporating into the environment. I currently use organic roots stimulator carrot oil or glycerin mixed with water as a moisturiser and olive oil as a light oil to seal.
When my hair feels crunchy and straw like, I like to use a mix of glycerin and water to soften it and moisturise it further. Glycerin attracts water to itself, which is the simplest explanation of what a moisturiser does!
Castor oil massaged into the scalp encourages hair growth and thickness. My hairline has been badly damaged by tight braids and I want to try to grow it back.
Protective styling simply means tucking your hair away from anything that can pull at it or break it. So it usually means putting it in a high bun or pinning it up.
Wrapping your hair up before bed in a silk or satin scarf also prevents the hair from getting dried out by regular cotton scarves and from snagging as you roll around in bed.
When you hair doesn't break as much, it will retain the length it has grown.

Pre shampoo conditioning treatment(pre-poo) with an oil or a cheap rinse out conditioner.
Wash with moisturising shampoo.
Deep condition with a shower cap and my body heat for 1 hour or more.
Rinse out
Air dry
Apply a moisturising treatment
Seal with an oil.
Attempt to straighten  hair out with bendy rollers.

deep condition

Shampooing cleans your scalp and your hair. However it can be very drying. To prevent this, I've learned to use a pre shampoo conditioning treatment. Nothing fancy, you can use your regular rinse out conditioner to coat you hair for half an hour before you wash it out with the shampoo. This prevents the shampoo from stripping your hair of all its oils. You then do a deep conditioning treatment to further moisturise and strengthen the hair. I use dark and lovely cholesterol. I air dry instead of blow drying because minimising direct heat application is always healthier for your hair in the long run, because heat breaks down protein easily, and hair is made of protein. If you're in a hurry,allow your hair to air dry a bit, and then blow dry on a low heat setting. I apply my glycerin and water mix to attract and hold water to the hair, and then add the carrot oil. Finally I seal with the olive oil. I'm not just focusing on the ends now, I'm applying this to the length of my hair. The bendy rollers will stretch the hair out and give it a bit of a curl.

Every 6 weeks.
Add a protein pre-poo and a protein deep conditioning treatment to the weekly washing regimen. i simply mix an egg with some mayonnaise for a protein treatment. Yes. the mayonnaise you eat.
mix an egg
with a few spoons of this

Hair is made up of protein, and applying a protein treatment helps to fill in the cracks on the surface of each hair and strengthen your hair. However, too much protein tends to make your hair brittle like glass and prone to breakage. There is a delicate balance between protein and moisture for hair, and it's important to find it. Therefore protein treatments must be sparing, and ALWAYS followed with a deep conditioning treatment. I am currently suffering some "over-proteining" on the ends of my hair, so I'm using the glycerin water mix to encourage the balance to come back to normal instead of chopping my ends all off. I only chop off split ends which I don't have for now, yay!

Every 16 weeks
Tex-lax new growth with Organic Root Stimulator Relaxer (Normal).
To do this I will coat my hair with a light application of Shea butter the day before I go to the salon for my retouch.
I'm choosing to relax my new growth after 16 weeks because by then my new growth to be long enough so that when I apply the relaxer it does not spread to the already relaxed hair and over straighten it. 
I'm keeping the relaxer on my hair for only 5minutes after it's been applied, to prevent bone straight relaxed hair.

Whoosh! Long story! Lol!
Hope this has been helpful and not too confusing. This is just a breeze through, I'll try and split the different routines into detailed sections soon.
Wish me luck guys!

Much Love,

NB: as time goes by I'm most probably going to make changes to my routine as I find out more about taking care of my hair.

Oh, and a special shout out to my girl Suby! She reminded me to do this. :*

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Makeup Post: Butterfly/ High For This...

Hey loves,
Lazy, restful Sunday afternoon, I decided to play about with my makeup. I had a previous post where i used the colors of a gorgeous bird as my inspiration for a very vivid eye look. I'm trying the same thing out here, but with a butterfly this time, I think its called the Chesterton's Longwing.
Beautiful isn't it? I love how the colors are so muted and cool, no sharp pops of lime green or orange here, just black, midnight blue and white.

Here's my attempt...
Not bad right? Lol...
A few more shots of my mug...

 A closer look at the eyes...

I used about 3 different shades of blue, layered over each other to get that gorgeous metallic sheen. In the inner corner of my eyes there's some matte white eye shadow covered by a metallic white. At the outer corners there's matte black, which was brushed up into the creases to get that winged shape. My brow bones were highlighted with that same matte white shadow. My lips were a matte nude, I didn't want my pout to pull focus from the eyes.

Sigh... I CANNOT pout to save my life!
Oh, the title? After months of ignoring the hype I finally decided to download The Weeknd's mixtape: House of Balloons, and it isn't bad! Not as cohesive as Frank Ocean's Nostalgia Ultra, but still soulful enough.

here's a download link

Later Loves...


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Healthy Happy Hair!

Healthy Happy Hair
Hi Dolls!
Settle down guys, this is going to be a LONG one!
I’ve decided to try something new, and for me very challenging. I’ve decided to carry my own hair, sans-weave for the next two months!


Okay, okay, that might sound very tame, but for me, it’s a really big deal. I cut my hair to jaw length in February 2010 (annoying story, I went in for a trim, the stylist cut off 5 inches), and it had never been that short EVER. I’ve never had long hair, but it’s always sort of grazed past my shoulders, so suddenly I had this blunt bob that I had no idea how to handle! I usually wear my hair up in a bun and all of a sudden, no hair to bun! I panicked, and my occasional weave wearing became a permanent thing for me.
May 2010
August 2010

It was from one weave straight to another, I'd take one out, wash the hair, barely condition it, and straight back under another weave. I’d retouch my new growth, and that same day, right back under the horse hair I went! Sigh...
This is a wig though!

short and chic

gorgeous curls

loose waves

sleek center part

another gorgeous set of curls

"pick and drop", destroyed my hairline!

My hair grew back though, simply because that’s what hair does. Like fingernails, your hair will grow. But will it remain on your head? Without breaking or unnecessary shedding? That’s the real question. I want to find out the answer to that question.

My hair was natural until I was 11 years old. For my birthday I got my natural hair relaxed and wrapped up into the most RIDICULOUS beehive ever! But I loved it! My hair was soft, shiny, sleek, and it floated in the wind! Water poured on it and it didn’t shrink back into my skull! I could put it into a neat ponytail instead of plaiting it, enduring hours of agony every week! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

However in secondary school, boarding house, there was no one to teach me how to take care of my hair, and I didn’t get a second touch up to keep my roots relaxed. So I kept on playing with the relaxed ends, whilst my roots grew and grew. Back home for the holidays I put in some tiny “million” braids for the summer, and one by one, my relaxed ends broke off, leaving me with barely 2 inches of my natural hair.
Fast forward almost 5 years of those hellish plaits, and finally after much family drama (my elder brothers wanted me to keep it natural, WHY I WONDER?????) I got another relaxer treatment. Wow! The feeling of freedom again! I could simply comb my hair and go! I’ve never been one to play with my hair, or leave it loose, I just wanted hair I could put in a neat bun or ponytail and forget about. And so the story went. My hair did okay. Nothing spectacular, always at the same length, a little past my shoulders. Along the way, I picked up a few good habits off the internet, use Shea butter to coat your hair before getting a retouch to prevent overlapping your relaxer treatment on already relaxed hair, trim your hair every so often, avoid too much heat, avoid tight braids and Ghana weaving like the plague because it ruins your hairline making you look bald, etc...
And that lead to my latest epiphany.

4 months ago, I went for my usual retouch and weave fix, when the electricity in the salon went out. We had just installed the weave tracks, and the stylist was about to straighten my exposed hairline with a flat iron. I thought, okay, no big deal. My hair is really flat and thin, and right after a retouch it’s as sleek as silk, almost the same texture as the weave I had installed, so I decided to go home like that, barely looking in the mirror. When I got home and I took a good look at my hair, I was appalled! It was fluffy and looking like cotton wool! In fact it looked exactly like my natural hair did; it was as though I had done an “un-relaxing” treatment. I touched it, and it was soft, really soft, but it wasn’t straight! I used my flat iron and it instantly straightened out and it was looking like it should.
Sigh of relief.
ack! the horror!

just look at the contrast!

But it was just too weird to ignore. I went online and discovered that the Shea butter I coated my hair in, and the brief relaxer application time (my scalp burns if it’s applied for too long) led to my hair being only partially relaxed. Or to use the long hair community’s term “tex-laxed”. My tight natural curl pattern had been loosened, but not totally. I was sitting on the fence and had been doing so for almost two years without my knowledge! Instead of panicking and reaching for the relaxer to “correct” the mistake, I decided to explore this. I realised that my hair was still easily manipulated; it could still be flat ironed sleek if I wanted it but curly it had the kind of volume I had never enjoyed before! Because I wasn’t totally relaxed, my hair was also a tad bit stronger, and I could actually feel this strength with my fingertips whenever I touched it! It was springy and felt luscious!

It was when I began spending more and more time on the online long hair community that I realised that black hair can, and does grow! I always felt we were genetically cheated when it came to hair length, but then I began seeing pictures of miraculous growth in two, three years, hair would go from armpit length to mid back length!


 And I thought to myself, “I can do that. I can grow my hair”. And I will.
I haven’t set any length goals yet, I'm still learning how to take care of my hair. Years of wearing weaves that barely required more than a quick brush through have taught me lots of bad hair care habits, and I'm trying to learn better ones. So for now, it’s not really about long hair, its more about healthy hair, which will therefore retain length instead of breaking willy-nilly.

I'm really excited about this, and I think it’s going to be loads of fun!
This post has gone on long enough, sorry guys! I’ll break it off now, (no pun intended) but I will be back soon!

Ooh! here's a picture of my co-worker and I, (she's on the left) I have on a weave, and that's her own hair! It's longer than my WEAVE! 

Lots of love,